How to Cure Impetigo

Having some kind of disease in your body? Is it starting to spread all over the body? It might be Impetigo. Impetigo is a skin decease that is highly contagious and it usually appears or occurs on your neck, face or sometimes in the hands of a child or a baby. Adults are rarely to have this kind of decease. However this decease can be transferred to anyone that will have a direct contact with the one has this decease.

Impetigo causes sores in the face and sometimes blisters. Impetigo is cause by bacteria that can be to be specific by two kinds of bacteria which is the staphylococcus aureus and streptococcus pyogenes. Suffering from this kind of decease can also cause an embarrassment for them; imagine your child who goes to school with this kind of decease, we know that it can be a cause of a child losing friend or getting bullied from the school.

Impetigo has several types which is different from each other. You can differentiate the difference of the types by its causes and its symptoms. There is what we call Impetigo contagiosa also called as nonbullous impetigo, this type is the most common to occur to children and it has a very high contagious rate. Impetigo contagiosa commonly begins to have red sores around the mouth and the nose. Sometimes blisters burst making some weeping and having red rashes that becomes crusted, this rushes will be itchy but not painful. Bullouse impetigo usually occurs in children under two years old. It usually appears in torso, legs and arms of a baby, the blisters usually starts in a clear form and will turn into cloudy. Ecthyma is one of the serious types of impetigo decease, its affects the skin second layer than on the top of the skin. The blister this type produces is painful. Lymph nodes that are swollen may occur as well as scars.

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